Madden's Poultry


Established in 2013, We are currently breeding and selling show quality-

White Silkie Bantams (Our own line)

All our bloodlines are top quality and birds used are correct in every way e.g colour, shape and size. Our stock has won many awards/prizes a range of shows including Balmoral, Lurgan, Ballymena, Dromore,  Armagh and Lisburn. We offer a wide range of information on the silkie breed and on general chicken keeping.

We also sell point of lay hybrids. These birds are only bred from egg laying backgrounds not show backgrounds!

We are also a Poultry Dealer, and during the year we will have different breeds/outfits, so do give us a ring for more information! 


If you wish to enquire about any of our stock, please phone us on >07514221292< or like our Facebook page to keep up to date!